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Water-saving urinal-system with microorganisms - EcoBug® Cap - 4 set

EcoBug® Cap can without any technical modifications - very easy - be used at the urinal. Requires no conversion or no investment. So you can made from a water-flushed urinal a water less urinal without conversion costs.

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Basically, the main problem in any toilet is the bad smell. Whereas water-saving urinal systems...meer

4 - set EcoBug® Extra strong urinal cap - water-saving urinal-system

Basically, the main problem in any toilet is the bad smell. Whereas water-saving urinal systems have proven not to function satisfying, the unique properties of the ecobug® Cap prevent nasty smells to appear:


CSE ecobug® products consist of microorganisms (=good bacteria like the kind found in yoghurt or cheese, for example), which break the urine up into its components and neutral moleculesAs a consequence the organic matter that odour-producing bacteria normally grow on is degraded, or in other words: it prevents that a nasty smell "comes alive"


Environmental friendly


ecobug® Cap is an environmentally friendly product that contains microorganisms (=good bacteria like the kind found in yoghurt or cheese, for example), which break the urine up into its components and neutral molecules.


Uniqueset of microbes  at work


The strain of bacteria being used, is a registered single strain of bacteria that has the ability to recognise its food source and secrete the correct enzyme to break it down. For example if it was to come up to uric acid/urea it would secrete uricase, if it was to come against protein (cause of some odours) it will produce protease, etc. What this means is that the ecobug® Cap works 100% of the time.


Puts an end to Blockages


Moreover, the ecobug® Cap does not contain any insoluble fillers, making it 100% soluble. This stops the build-up of bits of block you see after 6-12 months in the drain, a toothpaste like substance. Furthermore,one should know that bacteria cannot break down inorganic material such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate AKA limescale, so ecobug® Cap contains additional natural ingredients that break these down into their chemical components.




- Prevents nasty smell to occur instead of neutralising or covering up a bad smell that is already there

- High amount of bacteria

- Registered single strain of bacteria designed to break down uric salt and out populate existing bacteria

- Does not contain insoluble fillers and is therefore 100% soluble

- Contains natural ingredients to break down inorganic materials

- No additional costs to apply

- Easy to install and replace




- A fresh cleaner, greener smell

- Environmental friendly and hygienic solution

- Reduces water consumption of a urinal by up to 98%

- No more blockages and thus saving repair costs

- No more blockage, no more repair works, no more annoyed customers because toilets being temporarily being closed

- Because of a clean and fresh toilet customers will feel comfortable to visit the toilet and stay in e.g. shopping center, restaurant, etc., and eventually might spent more money


Ecobug® Extra Strong urinal Caps can be used only in conjunction with Ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner!!!

Please do not use other cleaner because they destroy the bacteria!


technical data:


⇒ 100 % solubly

⇒ water-saving urinal system

⇒ no remodeling costs, reduces water consumption of a urinal by up to 98%

⇒prevent blockage

⇒ reduced cleaning time

⇒ fresh, clean smell

⇒ no more smell dispenser

⇒ Smell: Amaretto-cherry

⇒ collor: natural green

⇒ pH-value: 4,0-5,0

⇒ biodegradable

⇒ scope of supply: 4 piece


cleaning and installation





We have created a seperate website for you, based on organicly developped products.

More information below "biohygiene.eu" (https://www.biohygiene.eu)



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  • biodegradable
  • Smell: Amaretto-Cherry
  • scope of supply: 4 piece
  • pH-value: 4,0-5,0
  • 100% solubly

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